Daniel Chung

Associate Investment Analyst

Daniel Chung graduated from UBC Sauder School of Business in 2022 with a major in Finance and joined the VCIM Equities team in May 2022 as an Associate Investment Analyst. Daniel has 2 years of industry experience, having interned at Crossroads Capital and PenderFund Capital Management in a public equities investment role before joining VCIM. Daniel first became interested in investing when he read One Up on Wall Street by Peter Lynch during his third year of university. The book sparked an interest in him that subsequently led him down a path of continuous learning, one that involved going through the Berkshire Partnership and Nomad letters, reading class notes from Greenblatt’s CBS Special Situations class, starting an investing blog while in school etc.

Daniel’s investment philosophy is to invest with a multi-year horizon into quality companies that are trading below a reasonable estimate of intrinsic value. VCIM proved to be the ideal place for him not only because of the alignment in investment philosophy, but primarily because of the exceptional team-oriented and meritocratic culture at VCIM. Besides investing, Daniel enjoys boxing, practicing a difficult piece on the cello or piano, hiking, reading, and listening to podcasts.

“You want to retain the elasticity of spirit you had as a child, interested in everything, while retaining the hard-nosed need to verify and scrutinize for yourself all ideas and beliefs.” – Robert Greene