Edmond Ho, CFA

Senior ESG Analyst

Edmond Ho joined VCIM in January 2022 with 14 years of financial industry experience. As Senior ESG Analyst, he is responsible for assessing the ESG practices of publicly traded companies to determine investment eligibility, evaluating developing trends in sustainability, and supporting the execution of shareholder engagement and overall ESG strategy of VCIM.

Prior to joining VCIM, Edmond spent over 11 years with the Canadian Equities team at RBC Global Asset Management (GAM). He was responsible for optimizing portfolio construction by integrating quantitative methods into fundamentally managed portfolios and overseeing the team’s data management. During his tenure at RBC GAM, he observed how ESG risks became increasingly more prevalent in financial markets and was tasked to introduce ESG considerations into the team’s investment process. This discovery of ESG issues ultimately led him to VCIM.

Edmond is a CFA Charterholder and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Philosophy from Simon Fraser University. He subscribes to a growth mindset and has an interest in ethics, which encompasses many of the ESG themes the VCIM team covers. Edmond often volunteers his time mentoring students looking to gain industry experience and supports the SFU Beedie School of Business Mentors in Business program.  Outside of work, Edmond enjoys spending time with his family engaging in various activities from biking to skiing.

“ESG themes involve a long-term outlook and great ESG companies are those whose strategy aims to create long-term value for all their stakeholders. This aligns with what traditional, fundamental investors tend to look for – companies with quality management that can create sustainable long-term growth. Our integrated approach not only allows us to recognize this shared value, but also understand the companies we invest in from all angles.”