Morgan Ayres

Investment Analyst

Morgan Ayres joined VCIM in July 2021, where she works closely with the portfolio managers to provide support across Global and Canadian mandates with a focus on income generating companies. Prior to VCIM, she worked as a co-op student on British Columbia Investment Management Corporation (BCI)’s ESG, Macroeconomic, and Global Equity teams before joining full-time as an analyst on their Partnership Portfolio.

Morgan earned her Bachelor of Economics and Business degree from the University of Victoria (UVic) and is currently working towards her Charted Financial Analyst (CFA) designation. It was during her time at UVic that she discovered her passion for investing. By accident, she signed up for an extracurricular class called the Applied Portfolio Management Class and fell in love with learning about different business models, industry dynamics, and the importance of an exceptional management team. As a result, she moved onto the Applied Portfolio Management Program which gives select students the opportunity to manage the school’s endowment fund that has a strong focus on responsible investing.

VCIM was a natural choice to Morgan after her experience in putting responsible investing into practice. She believes that financial returns do not have to be at the expense of good environmental and social practices, and instead can be used to help enable positive change in the world.

Outside of work and studies, Morgan loves to try new foods (she tried sushi for the first time this year), enjoys a good thriller novel, and is an avid traveler. It is one of her goals to be able to travel to each continent at least once in her life.  Morgan also volunteers her time as a member of the investment committee for the UVic’s Applied Portfolio Management Program.

“Being curious is one of life’s most underappreciated qualities. It’s an admission that you don’t have it all figured out. It means you’re willing to listen and learn. Most importantly, it often differentiates the good from the great.” -Ted Lamade